Life in India

Life here, generally, is so tough, for all the ordinary folks. Not for those belongs to top notch category. people here seems habitual with all sort of hardship they have to go through on daily basis. And the reason for their difficulties are the rogue politicians! Since partition, this class have ruled India in a way, just the Britisher did! Yes, they just looted the nation, whatever way possible, they just looted! The worst period was last two terms under the auspicious pm Maunibaba! Who let the nation and it’s resources looted under his very nose! His boss backdrived the nation and plundered from every possible nook and corner available to her! Most of the people here struggle hard, they don’t get enough time and resources to understand the correct scenario. Still, there is hope, the new regime under Mr. Modi is doing a nice job to uplift the country and it’s people.How much he succeed, only time will tell, but, the man, surely have ignited a hope, which never before a PM have done.In the current scenario, one must be hopeful and wish the man all the luck, to change the fate of the nation and it’s people.


Home soil defeat

Indians tend to defeat the opposition on their home soil within 3 to 4 days. This is a tendency running for years, by playing this kind of cricket (making a turning treck) they are now number one test cricket team in the world. But, against this Smith’s Aussie team their plan seems disrupting, they lost heavily in Pune, by 333 runs. Now, in the 2nd test at Bengluru,they collapsed unexpectedly, all out for a paltry 189, giving a clear cut edge to Australia. It is just amazing that this Indian team can’t deal with pretty ordinary spin stuff! Still, it’s just a day over in this test, Indian fan can only hope their team bounce back strongly in their second inning.